GNM Sessions

What does a GNM session involve?
A GNM session is essentially an investigation. It is not psychotherapy. It is directed specifically to finding the conflict-shock or unanticipated event that was responsible for the onset of a disease, illness or condition that the person is suffering from.
Since Dr. Hamer’s research into the cause of specific diseases is highly accurate, the GNM consultant already knows what kind of event to look for in the person’s life that was responsible for the onset of their clinical problem. This process normally takes between one and two hours.
It is also important for the client to understand the basics of the GNM, at least in regard to their specific diagnosis so that they do not develop any subsequent conflict shocks which may contribute to the onset of another disease process.

What about other “emotional therapies”?
The mind - body healing philosophy has been explored for decades, however none have been so accurate, or specific in regards to discovering the exact conflict shock or life's situation responsible for a particular disease process as the GMN.
The German New Medicine is a "New Natural Science" that helps us to understand the origin of a disease on the experience of the psyche, where to look for the activity in the brain, and what organ will respond to a specific kind of conflict shock. These are existing biological program's that have developed over millions of years from the dawn of creation to now, in order for us to be able to survive under these “unanticipated” circumstances.
There are many so called emotional therapies available today, however in the majority of cases, they only manage to downgrade or manage the intensity of a conflict. Since the identification of the conflict-shock is essential to the recovery of the patient, most of the emotional therapy techniques never manage to discover the root cause of an ailment and restore wellbeing.
By directing our work to the specific moment in time when the conflict shock was experienced and looking for all the possible tracks that prevent the patient from fully recovering, we can have extraordinary results with our clients. We no longer use “band aid” medicine. We get to the heart of the matter and the exact cause of their ailment.

How quickly can someone recover from a chronic illness?
In many cases, the illness or chronic ailment the patient suffers from is in the “healing phase” of a conflict shock. However in some cases, the illness never fully goes through this healing process and instead plagues the patient for months or years.
The reason it never runs its course is because the patient experiences triggers they are not aware of, that keep the condition from moving into a positive direction back to normalcy. In such a situation we can have immediate results and alleviate the symptoms when the conflict and its tracks are recognized.

How much does it cost and how many sessions do we need?
The GNM is virtually the least expensive of all natural healing modalities, simply because an experienced GNM consultant can get results in one session. It is only in very few difficult situations that the client may need to have more than one or two sessions.
The GNM consultation does not involve the administering of herbs, homeopathic remedies or expensive supplements that can cost hundreds of dollars a month when someone is suffering from a chronic illness.

Is it necessary to have a Catscan (CT) of the brain when working with the GNM?
Dr. Hamer’s research is so accurate that we can approach disease or condition from any level, the level the psyche, the organic level, meaning the disease, or from the cerebral level where we use a CT to guide us.
A CT is particularly useful when we are looking to see if a particular conflict shock that was the cause of an illness has been resolved or if we need to investigate further.
In the majority of cases, a CT is only necessary in serious situations and for the most part we can approach healing just from their diagnosis to understand the nature of the conflict. An experienced GNM consultant is able to approach any illness from any of these levels and get results.