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Dear Friends;

Dr. R.G. Hamer was released from prison unconditionally February 16th at 10:00 am. He is now back home in Spain and is in very good spirits.

Dr. Hamer's statement February 17th, 2006:

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Alhaurin el Grande
February 17, 2006

Dear Friend of the New Medicine!
I have been home since 11.30 last night.
The psychological torture of approximately 1 ½ years is finally behind me.
There is too much to talk about, at least for now.
I would like to thank you all, for your support, for staying in touch with me and for giving me courage. I often didn’t think I would make it out alive from that psychological terror hole. I don’t want to describe the details because they would be overwhelming and may even cause you fear. Instead, let us rejoice that, after 25 years, we can finally prepare for the breakthrough of New Medicine.

More and more people are seeing through official medicine! Let’s struggle to save the patients who are being brutally “exterminated” by official medicine every day. After all, we’re standing together for the most honest thing in the world! Our renewed strength and goodwill will help us to succeed!

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who joined to the plea not to give up. While I may be out of the dungeon, some 1500 patients continue to die every day. The New Medicine should be there for the wellbeing of each and every patient!

The crocuses will soon be in bloom!

Viva la medicina sagrada!

Ryke Geerd
6th January 2006
The Strong Family and their medical adventures.

A series of five children's booklets explaining common childhood diseases according to the Five Biological Laws of the German New Medicine discovered by Dr. Ryke..Geerd Hamer adds a new dimension to our understanding of the disease process.

Please visit the books page for more information.

The latest news from France, June 7th, 2005

Dear Friends:

We regret to announce that on May 31st the Cour de Cassation in France dismissed Dr. Hamer's appeal to be released. He will therefore remain in prison unjustly.

The details are not yet known to us. However, we hope to be receiving further information from Dr. Hamer's lawyer within the next few days.

Your Amici Team .

A.L.B.A. (Associazione Leggi Biologiche Applicate)
Association of Applied Biological Laws
Genova Administrative Seat
Tel. Italy 39-329.433-4667/349.242-0680/ Fax Italy 39-10-612-3051



On the 9th of September, the German physician Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, discoverer of the 5 fundamental Biological Laws of the New Medicine, was jailed by Spanish police and is being held in a prison in Madrid, following a warrant from the French judicial authority of Chambery.

Following this event, The Association of Applied Biological Laws - recently constituted and established in Italy - on its own behalf, and on behalf of its 500 members, people who work in the field of health: physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists in general - deemed it necessary and urgent to raise its voice and to show itself as a structured and consolidated scientific research organism, supporting the discoveries made by Dr. Hamer.

The Association proposes that it should act as the mouthpiece for the thousands of people, and many associations, that have already tested the validity of Dr. Hamer’s theories. Notwithstanding the repeated verifications, including the official acknowledgement by Trnava’s University (Slovakia), a portion of official medicine, evidently moved by prejudice different from the scientific ones, not only has never consented to the possibility of a scientific confrontation with Dr. Hamer, but has now gone forward with a strong action to stop the German physician from continuing to spread his discoveries.

Without doubt, the scientific significance of Dr. Hamer’s studies is of huge importance, to the extent that it involves a “Copernican” overturn in the medical diagnostic.

On this assumption, Association ALBA, in agreement with the other organisms constituted on a European level (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and others), and made strong by the consolidated experiences and verifications, intends to resolutely proceed to work towards the acknowledgement of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries.

To this purpose, in the immediate future, the necessary procedures will be activated to demand that the scientific world definitively acknowledges the Biological Laws, and, secondly, obtains the professional rehabilitation of the German physician, therefore allowing the spread of his discoveries and the continuation of his work.

The proceedings instituted presuppose, and are founded on, the natural and constitutional principles of the freedom and right to scientific research, in the respect of a serene and impartial comparison, which so far has been refused and obstructed without reason.

This press release is also an appeal to all those who were able to know, and verify, the German physician’s discoveries, to support the work of people who have the bravery and strength to defend a revolutionary scientific discovery, that, if on one hand assumes the humility to accept the consequences of a restructure, on the other, contains the seed of a wider vision of medical therapy, where the only pursued aim is a human being’s health.

Association of Applied Biological Laws
Marco Pfister, Chairman

Scientific Committee:
Dr. Gianni Giannella (odontologist)
Dr. Roberto Luciani (rheumatologist)
Dr. Emmanuele Lupi (general pratictioner)
Dr. Danilo Toneguzzi (psychiatrist

The latest news from France, 31st March 2005

Dear Friends of the New Medicine,

As Dr. Hamer had already advised us, a conference on “Complementary and Alternative Medical Treatment of Cancer” will be taking place in Madrid on May 14th and 15th. Dr. Hamer was scheduled to be the Chairman.

Of the almost 2,000 invited participants, the majority are medical practitioners, biologists, physicists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, but there will also be attendees from other medical fields as well as numerous elected representatives, senators, government officials and people from the press, radio, and television who are expected to come from within Spain and from abroad.

The Director of “Discovery DSalud”, the most popular health publication in Spain, has sent a petition to Monsieur Michel Jeannoutot of the Appeals Court in Chambery which has been translated as follows:


“The inauguration of the conference - which is the responsibility of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, an agreement reached a year ago by the organizers of the conference - is the reason for this writing.

We have been informed that Dr. Hamer is currently in prison in France. We are not proposing to comment hereon this issue but are formally requesting the issuance of a temporary three-day permit that would allow Dr. Hamer to participate in this conference as planned.

There is also a second motive for this petition.

An official move will be made proposing Dr. Hamer as a candidate for both the Prince of Asturia Prize for Scientific Investigation, and for the Nobel prize for Medicine for his important contribution to the development of our knowledge about and treatment of cancer.

Awaiting your response to our petition,


Jose Antonio Saaz-Orrio

Director of DISCOVERY DSALUD”Whether French officials will comply with this request remains to be seen. Let’s all hope for the best. We’ll keep you advised as soon as we learn anything further.

Viva la medicina sagrada!

Your Amici-Team

23rd March
Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that Dr. Hamer was not released as scheduled on March 20th. His office in Spain informed us that the decision to release him was overturned by the Ministry at the last moment.

His partner was waiting for him and Dr. Hamer had already packed his personal belongings, when, at noon, someone came to his cell and informed him that he would not be able to leave. Needless to say, we are all shocked. Rest assured that his legal team is doing everything they can to appeal this decision.

Your Amici Team

Alhaurin el Grande, Spain
15th March, 2005
It appears that Dr. Hamer is going to be unconditionally released from prison in France on Sunday, March 20, 2005.

It is not known whether or not the Supreme Court of Appeal has already issued a verdict.

Dr. Hamer writes:

“They gave me the happy news on March 11, Dirk’s birthday, at 5 p.m. Yet, just a few hours before, they were still trying to subject me to a psychiatric evaluation.”

(Dr. Hamer describes the exchange with the warden and her acknowledgment that she had been instructed to attempt to have him submit to a psychiatric evaluation).

He continues: “I feel that I’m in the homestretch before the finishing line, racing together with the crocuses. We’ll reach the goal together by the start of Spring.” (March 21st)The editorial team adds: We all hope that the information from France is true and not just another trick to finally suppress Dr. Hamer by psychiatric means through this process.

Anyhow, if it is true, Dr. Hamer will be flying directly from Paris to Germany to meet all his friends (not journalists).

We will keep you informed as soon as we hear any news.

Let us allow ourselves to be surprised!

Your Amici-Team

22nd November:
A few days ago the German embassy visited Dr. Hamer for the first time. The German embassy stated that Dr. amer was doing well.....More

18th October:
It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Dr. Hamer’s battle to prevent extradition has failed. As a result, he will be sent to France within the next 24 hours to serve a three-year sentence in a French prison. More

10th September:
Dr. Hamer was arrested at his home on the morning of Thursday, September 9th and taken to a jail in Madrid where he is being held for extradition to France .... Read More

Dear Friends,

As some of you may already know, Dr. Hamer was arrested at his home on the morning of Thursday, September 9th and taken to a jail in Madrid where he is being held for extradition to France. This persecution by the French authorities started on February 1st, 2000, when, in Dr. Hamer's absence, he was charged, tried, and found guilty of practising medicine without a licence. The prosecution at his trial asked for a sentence of "no more than one year". The subsequent appeal not only failed; it has resulted in almost doubling his time for incarceration. The French Court of Appeal has condemned Dr. Hamer to three years in a French prison.

Dr. Hamer has not set foot in France since 1993 when he attended the funeral of a dear friend, the Count D'Oncieu de la Batie. He was there for a matter of hours and the French authorities have alleged that he saw three patients during that time. These were cancer patients who had all undergone conventional treatments and subsequently died. The authorities are alleging that Dr. Hamer was responsible for their deaths.

Dr. Hamer is now 69 years old and still in good health. However, when I spoke with him on this matter, he told me he would not be able to survive another incarceration, especially in a French prison.

Dear friends, please do what you can to help Dr. Hamer. He has given the world so much, and above all, new hope for patients with cancer. I will keep you updated if there is any news.
German embassy visited Dr. Hamer for the first time

November 22nd, 2004

A few days ago the German embassy visited Dr. Hamer for the first time. The German embassy stated that Dr. Hamer was doing well, was being fed and that he was a fighter by nature.

His children had not yet been allowed to visit. The hurdles for them were that they had to produce two pass photographs, a character reference and documentation to prove the relationship to Dr. Hamer (family tree), all of this in French. People not related to Dr. Hamer are not allowed to visit at this time.

The verdict (see below) is merely being checked for formal mistakes. Dr. Hamer presently has four lawyers who will present a protest at the beginning of December. The verdict of final appeal (examination for formal mistakes) can be counted on for February or March. There will also be an examination regarding the effect of the stress of detention on Dr. Hamer's health (have the "metastases" of the spinal column grown?).

Amnesty International: Vienna informed telephonically that the central office in London had communicated there were insufficient resources to allow them to act on the Hamer case.

An ORF-broadcast presented a piece last Wednesday on their "help-tv" that fear from behind causes shortsightedness (sic!). An article in the magazine Spiegel (,1518,326591,00.html) comments that nauseating disgust contributes to the development of herpes (sic!).

The media would like to combine Olivia's case with the case of Dominik (Dr. Rath). A reporter for a small Austrian weekly lurked in wait for Olivia at her school, after we had refused him an interview. The goal of the paper seems to be clear- the message: "parents who decline chemotherapy for their children are bad parents, they should be refused legal custody of their children."

Helmut Pilhar

Dr. Hamer’s battle to prevent extradition has failed
October 18, 2004

Dear Friends,It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Dr. Hamer’s battle to prevent extradition has failed. As a result, he will be sent to France within the next 24 hours to serve a three-year sentence in a French prison.

However, Dr. Hamer’s assistant in Spain has informed me that a French lawyer will be instated to appeal the decision, handed down on July 1st 2004, by the appeal court in Chambery.
We have successfully reached our initial goal but will need thousands more signatures and letters sent to the French Embassies. Please make everyone you know aware of this travesty against Dr. Hamer and of his discovery of the New Medicine.

I thank you on behalf of Dr. Hamer

Events Leading to the Arrest of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Alhaurin el Grande, September 15, 2004

Details on the apprehension of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The Policia Nacional of Spain arrested Dr. Hamer on September 9th, 2004, around 10.00 a.m., practically in front of the door to his home.

He was immediately taken to prison in Malaga (Comisaria Central de la Policia Nacional, Plaza de Hazana).

According to a police officer in Malaga, the order came through Interpol from France to the Spanish police.

He was taken to Madrid at 10:00 a.m. the next day. They obviously took him for a serious offender, since they jailed him clothed only in his briefs for 8 hours in a cold cell, and did not give him any food. However at present the prison conditions are acceptable, Dr. Hamer is treated with decency. In fact, considering the circumstances, he is in relatively good condition.

In the meantime, his closest friends have found him a Spanish lawyer whom Dr. Hamer agrees with as well.

Meanwhile, it is well known that the process in France, specifically the appeal to the Cour de Cassation is by no means decided - according to the words of a French lawyer, "it could still take another 2-3 years” therefore, this is a case of preventive imprisonment, with the exclusive goal of delivering Dr. Hamer to France to finally hand him over to the psychiatric institutions with no chance of freedom after that.

This must be prevented at all costs!
The urgent warrant for his arrest cannot be justified on grounds of "risk of escape" since Dr. Hamer has already lived for years in Spain, without moving from the place and definitely not hiding in silence.
The extradition papers do not clarify the reason for the three year sentence. It is obvious that this is a clear case of arbitrary abuse of power, especially since the authorities are the most familiar with the formalities.

The German authorities are not providing him any support; rather the opposite has been the case.

His own closest people where able to visit him on Sunday and talk with him for 40 minutes. Dr. Hamer was highly appreciative and touched by how many expressed sympathy and solidarity. He thanks all from the bottom of his heart for this support, be it in thoughts, action or even financial support. He is also inspired in that there is finally some movement in the question of the New Medicine, for NM never needed the help as urgently as it does now.

He has communicated on the other hand that the last sentence in his book: "Cancer and All Diseases - a Brief Introduction to the New Medicine" was not merely a written statement, but also profoundly meant.

He also requested that the public should be informed of the background to his arrest.

What led to the sentencing and arrest of Dr. Hamer?

Dr. Hamer has been accused in France of "inciting against traditional medicine and instigating for the New Medicine with the goal of practicing it" by the "Tribunal de Grande Instance" in Chambery (Inquiry Custody Order since 1993).
He is supposed to have committed a crime in France because he wrote in another country a French book on the New Medicine.
The crime would have been committed in that he assented in a phone conversation with the president of the ASAC (Association Stop Cancer) in France to being sent CTs of a patient.
In fact, his son, Dr. Bernd Hamer, whose voice sounds similar, conducted this particular conversation.
The French or German secret service illegally taped it.
Subsequently, in response to the Chambery public prosecutor's request, 7 years later but before the court case, French justice issued an international arrest warrant that would have forced Dr. Hamer to witness his own trial in handcuffs or from a jail cell, had he been present.
However, the court summoned him two days too late, making it impossible for him to comply with the deadline. It is also important to note that even ten days before the trial, his lawyer had not yet been allowed to examine his file.

The verifications of the Universities of Vienna (1986), Duesseldorf (1992) and Trnava / Bratislava (1998) had been disregarded and kept aside from the proceedings even before the trial, to be considered irrelevant as evidence. In fact, UNADFI, the state Anti-sect department became an accessory prosecutor in the case.
The French tribunal later communicated with the Spanish authorities informing them that they planned to seek Dr. Hamers extradition should he not be present at the next trial in district court. This time however, following the advice of his lawyer, he did not attend by the deadline because his health was not up to it.

After this, the first judgement (2000) was rescinded “in absentia" and reinstated renewed to 18 months in prison, 9 without probation and 9 suspended, as well as assessment of a financial penalty.
Then, without summoning or informing Dr. Hamer or his lawyer, the French Court (Cour D´Appel de Chambery) took the unique and unprecedented course of proceeding with the appeal against Dr. Hamer towards the end of May of 2004.
The first time Dr. Hamer ever heard of this trial was by a surprise fax on May 27, 2004, of a French newspaper article titled: Hamer aux abonnés absents, in English, Hamer in hiding.

He had been found guilty of fraud and complicity in the illegal practice of medicine.
The public prosecutor had requested a long prison sentence in order to obtain a European arrest warrant. The sentence for the previous case however was insufficient for that, since of the 18 months nine had been with suspension.
To secure a European arrest warrant however, a sentence of at least 12 months without suspension are needed.
In addition to this he was sentenced to pay compensation of about 200,000 Euros, to strangers, unknown to him who testified that the New Medicine (specifically his books), had affected them negatively; these were people he did not personally know. Presumably this is also unique in the delivery of justice.
For all of this it is necessary to hold that the New Medicine is false; which is demonstrably not so. However, the court refuses for the tenth time to order a proving of the correctness of the New Medicine on the basis of scientific evidence.
Instead, Joelle V. the lawyer for the Anti-sect department lamented that the Germanic New Medicine continued to spread ever further through the Internet, and asked the question: "What can be done to stop Hamer ”in the truest sense of the words?
And Madam senior public prosecutor Jakobine D. asked the court to sentence him to a “long enough sentence to allow requesting a European arrest warrant” literally, at least one year in prison without probation.
What is more, she approached the European court in anticipation, requesting they uphold the year-long sentence when it became pertinent.
It has become pertinent!
The judgement in July of 2004 was increased in severity. Dr. Hamer was sentenced to three years in prison without parole for fraud and illegal practice of medicine. The real reasons for the apprehension of Dr. Hamer are not the idiotic accusations but the total extermination of the New Medicine. Any means will do. The hope is that the capture and possible compulsory internment of Dr. Hamer in a psychiatric institution will end the 23-year-old scientific feud between traditional medicine and the New Medicine, a feud that has become a political issue.
We will keep you informed.